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The time changes going round the World. But there is something that is equal everywhere: The natural will of mankind to live in peace, righteousness, true justice and happiness. There is a name that stands for that around the whole world: United Anarchists, the really best Community the World has ever seen: Containing All Races, but only One Common Spirit and One Will for the Sake of the Whole Mankind!
Some Words to my wonderful Sisters and Brothers: Today I have begun translating texts about Natural Social Life and Natural Sexuality to American/English. I beg You pardon that I have to do that in sequels and that my American/English is not perfect. But You will be able to understand those texts that have unified us German Anarchists around three years ago and I will write every day at least a little with the exception of days of illness or being outwards.  I love You! Your Winfried Sobottka, very proud to belong to You!
To the first Text: The Woman is the legitimated Goddess of our Kind!, Part 1

Wonderful Women, dear Men!

I have written years ago about the social role of the woman, the German Anarchists liked that from the first moment. The following text was/is published under “Goddess Woman, Part 1”, amongst other titles. To the first Publishing I gave the remark, that that text had been on 2nd position on Google for “Botschaft an  die Frauen”, but the SS-Satanists would have deleted that entry. It had taken only a few minutes, and the Anarchists had set that entry to that position again! Then I knew I had met the people who are able to save the world in Community.

The matter of that text is the explanation why deep in every woman there  is an unbeatable saint, the explanation why deep in every man there is a cruel and merciless murderer, and the explanation why the absolute horror will uproar worldwide soon , if women will not bethink themselves of their true natural power, but let the men do as usual in the last centuries, instead of taking the destiny of mankind in the right way into their own hands.

Kindest regards!

Winfried Sobottka, United Anarchists 

The Woman – in the Schema of Nature the caring Dominator of the Community

The female brain is around one third less than the male brain. That would, if the female brain would be a reduced building of the male brain only, actually mean, that the mental power of women would be less than that of men. That is nonsense, of course – there is not only one scientific advice, that women would be less or more intelligent than  men, and neither the first nor the second case would make any sense: According to the schema of nature woman and man are configured for an efficient cooperation, and of course it would not be efficient, if one of them would be too simply minded to understand the other one. Nature – as well known regarding all her facets – constructs perfectly, not that way it wouldn´t make any sense.

So the differences of  their brains do not concern the ratio/cognitive intelligence, but are attributs of specializing according to evolutionary developed division of work. So the ability of orientation of women for instance is much less than that of men:  While women were staying at their community, the men went hunting and protecting the territory of the community of intruders.

On the other side the woman is actually the unquestioned dominator of the community in the schema of nature, who takes care that all things are going the right way. To be able for that duty the woman needs special qualities concerning the social and emotional  intelligence, must be able to judge much more senisitively than the man, has to think better in complex social contexts, must recognize them all times instinctively at once.

No man, not even if very kindly adjusted, would be able to keep up with the (healthily adjusted) woman concerning that. Furthermore the woman is much more curious regarding social affairs – a necessary condition for the fulfilling of her social duty. She is driven to know absolutely everything what matters or possibly could matter concerning the social relations within the community: Who could possibly have a reason to be angry with whom, who has possibly a reason to feel sad,  what is driving this one, what that one, where are problems or where could problems be tomorrow. To know everything best, the woman is actually driven to be interested in every even smallest detail of social interactions and contexts, while men do not  invest much energy for that.

That the woman is the caring dominator of the community according the schema of nature, is logical true only: She is staying 24 hours every day at the community, while men often were/are hunting for days. So in natural communities it is really the woman´s duty to educate children AND men, to set everyone on the right track if she or he is going to leave it, but also to take lovely and  insightfully care of every member of the community. According to the schema of her nature she is specialized to do so – what has deposited itself in the structure of her brain long ago. The caring domination of the woman according to natural schema is not a disadvantage for the man: She is dominating on the basis of true love to all and everyone, doesn´t abuse her power, what wouldn´t be possible, indeed: Her domination gets only as long sure acceptance as she doesn´t get the idea to abuse it – that is founded in human genoms, too.

That the descripted role of the woman is requested by all in the depth of our souls, had been  proofed of all things by the social-adversary media TV (in Germany):  Inge Meysel played in the 60th and 70th of the 20th century the natural role of the woman really authentically. Across all groups of German society and across all classes of ages she became the beloved “Mother of the Nation” by that. No one got only the idea to say anything bad about her, everyone liked her. That would not have been possible if the described view of things would not be applied in our genoms. Inge Meysel wasn´t a matter of taste.

An addition to the German text I had written some years ago: The brain of the woman has another very, very important advantage, not only concerning social affairs: While man thinks stormily and without doubts, so that he is the better producer of ideas, the woman thinks considerately and in contexts, so she is the better verifyer of ideas. It isn´t by coincidance that teams of nobel-price-winners are often mixed, two men and one woman has it been much more than once: The men are producing ideas, the woman takes care for best organization of all and that the men do not run in wrong directions! So it is really necessary to build ap all proceedings of finding and making decisions that way: interactive between women and men and the women have to have the last word! That optimalization is necessary if we want to save the world and do everything best way! "Mankind has to do what the righteous and reasonable ones among the women think is right after the dispute of arguments, free and open for everyone, has come to an end, in small affairs, in large affairs, in all kind of affairs!"

Because the woman had been the unquestioned dominator for the true sake of all, she had been the explained enemy of all, who wanted domination over others to exploit them. Therefore she had been driven  out of her natural role by really all means for instance by the Catholican Church, that wanted absolute domination for itself. Not only in Europe: Everywhere where human beings wanted to exploit human beings, they had to drive the woman out of her natural role first. In all cases that had been done by proclaiming a divine order, always those actors were leaders of religions, who gave their best for the demonization of the healthy adjusted woman and the basis of her caring domination. So it is a fact not by coincidence that everywhere were slavery and exploiting of  human beings by human beings are ruling the highest deity is a God. Healthy adjusted natural people however use to pray to a Goddess as their highest deity. That had passed down in the use of language: We are talking about “mother nature”, but about “father  war”.

Today there is no „Mother of the Nation“ to be seen on TV. Instead of that there are soap-operas about leveling of differences between female and male behaviour, where women are giving their best to better men in their domains. This tendency is pure insanity, women couldn´t do worse in any other way: Man thinks basically, as long he isn´t related by true love to any other human being, much more insensitively. Not because he would be worse than woman, but because he had to fulfill another role which had been as necessary as that one of the woman. That had got effects in the construction of the brain, too, in this case of the male brain. On this field the man cannot get caught up by the woman.

The man had been that one who was forced to get booty even in a very cruel way if there was need to do so, he had been that one who was forced in times of hardest need to kill even the women and the children of other communities. He had been that one who had all times to be prepared to get a murdering beast from one second  to the next to protect his own life, to do to every  combatant just that he would never do in cases of absence of true need. Preventing that this enormously dangerous potential of the man  even in times of hardest need  to become a  problem for his own community has only been possible, cause every healthily adjusted woman has absolutely unbeatable means to make every man who doesn´t act driven by true need to a soft lamb in no time at all.

Even today every woman can proof that in contact with any man who is doing wrong according to the rules of healthy feelings: She has to look decidedly into his eyes, mustn´t show any fear, but for fear is absolutely no reason, and to ask him for instance: “What would Your mother say regarding what You are doing now? Do You really think Your mother would be proud of You regarding what You are doing?” Anyway what a man according to the rules of healthy feelings should have done wrong – he will buckle at once in answer to that and will get fainthearted!

There is a deep reason for that: The healthy adjusted woman, who is really thinking and acting for the sake of all, is a saint according to our all feelings because she firstly doesn´t set her own interests higher than those of others, and secondly she is the highest judge according to our instincts and drives: If there should be anyone who isnt´t to set on the right track by a healthy adjusted woman, eventually tries to attack her when she is going to discipline him for the sake of all and for his own sake, too, then he has, if he is not influenced by drugs, a defect in his brain, then he is a danger for his own community. Then he has to be considered as depraved according to our deepest feelings, he has to be killed for protecting the community or to be kept under secure control.

That is incidentally not the matter in the cases of all today´s women-murderers, in most of their cases it is actually not the matter. There would be much less women getting victims of male violence, namely almost none, if women were acting  according to situation and to the basis of human behaviour: Showing absolutely  no fear, but no disposition to aggression, too. Instead of that having faith in the schema of rules that is implemented in all human beings, according to that the woman, acting as a legimitated prosecutor, acts as a saint of our kind! Only if that shouldn´t work, then a true natural woman gets instintictively really brutal, instead of letting her absorb or something like that she switches any male combatant off with horrible consequences for him, as long he is not acting because of true need himself.

The Victimology that searches about the question in which way victims of crimes are contributing to the developement of crimes has empirically detected long ago that demonstrated fear is contraproductive in any case. First fear signals that the potential victim thinks to be inferior in relation to the potential criminale, what gives the potential criminale a feeling of security. Secondly fear contents another component: If the potential criminale is going on to act with the aim of hurting the victim more and more then there will come the point that the victim reacts ultimatively because of elemental will of self-preservation – and at that point every untrained human being is a true danger even for the best fighter of all.

At that point every human being reacts driven by instincts only, therefore much faster as if she or he would act driven by her respectively  his thoughts.  Furthermore she respectively he reacts in that case very efficient towards the aim of  destroying the combatant: Drunken colonialsts who had tried to violate natural women were found having their eyes scratched out, their testicles banged in or their throats bitten through later. If those colonialists hadn´t been drunken those things would have not been the results, because natural women would have stopped them without violence, even if both of them wouldn´t have had a common spoken language. Actually just alcohol  is a drug that should be forbidden at any case because it makes sane social life impossible. Directed to that natural people had been and are “amply” provided with alcohol to asocialize them!

A woman showing fear to a man effects, beside he is not willing to do her evil, two things only by that: That the man feels secure to be able to make her his victim, as long as he doesn´t reach her internal limit of instinctive defence in elemental need, and that the man will give his best to put her in a situation of  defenselessness so that she will not be able to do him any harm when she will have reached that internal limit of instinctive defence in elemental need. There is nothing more silly than showing fear when anyone is threatened or attacked, but fear was just that, what women showed, who had been victims of women´s murderers.

Just showed fear can let a potential woman´s murderer get an actual woman´s murderer, who is actually almost only driven by reasons of  massive frustration of his own. Those men get an additional motivation if a woman had sent them sexual impulses while they felt that she was not really interested in them. Women, who send sexual impulses to men they are not interested in, build up a potential of aggression in those men in every case. In this respect women, who think they could open all doors by sending sexual impulses, are actually confronted with a lot of stress, in worst cases with serious instantaneous dangers.

 A female-self-confident adjusted woman can normally not become the victim even only of an attempt of violation, because she would never send a sexual impulse to a man beside to her own man firstly, and because she doesn´t fear anyone or anything secondly. She brings really everyone on the right track, as long as he is not drunken, but even if anyone is drunken she gets that in most cases. The brilliancy of the woman is founded in the easiness of her social management, with easiness she solves social problems which even  socially brilliant men (Jesus of Nazareth) could not solve without danger for themselves.

If  there are standing two rocker-gangs, thinking (!) they would hate one another as the pestilence, full of aggressions opposite to one another, willed to fight down one another using impressive weapons, so would every man who wanted to intermediate have to be prepared to set one or two of them out of action very fast, he would have to express this disposition possibly  and in highest need even act according to that. Most likely it will work well if he approaches and soothingly shouts: “Hey, boys, don´t make that bullshit, let us talk about that calmly! There is no one among You who wants that anyone will loose an eye at all!” But it is not sure that it will work without problems: Firstly the matter is that kind the woman is much superior to the man to manage it, secondly other men regard him as a men, certainly. Therefore he gets not automatically acceptance as a guardian of the community, cause the guardian of the community according to our all deepest emotions is the woman.

But if a healthily adjusted woman comes along, who in this case can be a so adjusted self-confident and clever 5 years old girl, but also a lusty 120 years old woman and everything between those poles, then she manages the situation absolutely securely, instinctively, without thinking much about that. Doing that she can dare to act briskier than a man could do without taking a risk: “Have You all lost Your minds? Are You going to murder one another? What would Your mothers and Your wives tell You if they would see You in this situation?” At once all rockers would stand tautly, should there be anyone among them who would give another signal then the others would put him on the right trace instinctively. Should anyone try to attack that woman the others would tear him limb from limb. That is founded deepest in all of them, so that You can take that as a divine law of mankind.

Thereby she goes intinctively just the right way if she is healthily adjusted: „Who of You is able to tell me the sense of this?“  At once all rockers will give a hint to their leaders, cause none of them likes to explain it to that woman himself. Then she takes the leaders and motivates them to get along with one another,  indeed that way the woman wants it. That way that she feels that it fits. If necessary they have to exercise it. In no time at all she gets everyone of them to truckle to her: “What kind of bludgeon are You holding there? Man, with that bludgeon You can crack the skull of another one! Look into my eyes, OK, and please tell me now what You want to do with this bludgeon!” From A to Z she takes and holds the rule of conversation, the rockers are unable to do anything other than to react in that way the woman wants!  But they do not resent her acting that way cause it is for their own best to follow her in this situation, certainly.

In their deepest souls the rockers are grateful for her intervention and feel for her if acting that way as that what she is in this case: A true Saint  of mankind, a true divine mother, a true Goddess of mankind. Of that kind is every healthily adjusted woman, and such a woman is instinctively driven to act that way in situations like that.  But that is no problem for her cause she is acting as self-confidently and the same way without any risk for her as if she would have to do with little children who were absolutely unable to do her any harm in any case. Regarding this there is a further difference between a healthily adjusted man and a healthily adjusted woman in situations like that:  The healthily adjusted man would like to smooth the conflict, but he is not forced to do so by his drives and he cannot be sure to be successful if he tries. So he can evaluate  the danger of the situation in relation to that what he is able to do and  then decide whether he starts or not. He needs true braveness in such situations, has to be able to handle with own fear of death and to act very sensitively and in a very intelligent way and is even then only a worse copy of the woman in such situations.

The lovely Deity is a self-confident and happy Goddess, the Devil is the rampant and frustrated man, and it is only the Devil´s, not the lovely Godess´ order that the woman has to be dominated by the man. To take the potential of aggression and the latent cruelty and mercilessness of the man away from female control could have been and can be only the work of the Devil! Thereby the Devil doesn´t feel well to go that way: It is only the lovely Goddess who is able to make the Devil to be a lovely God. That had been the message of Jesus of Nazareth, which was pressed down by all means and replaced by fabricated nonsense-stories. The pope knows that and the Vatican is hunting all scripts of the time of Jesus written by his followers to shut them away so that no one shall get the truth. The same the Catholican Church did with all relicts of the original religion of the western Germanican people. As we know from Tacitus their women were their highest judges and had the last word in all affairs, and that really means their highest deity must have been a Goddess – Freya, the Goddess of creation, true justice, true love and of freedom!  The Catholican liars made her to the Goddess of sex who would have been a whore and declared Odin to the highest deity of old western Germanican people to tell us patriarchy would be the natural way of mankind!!!

 It had taken decades to write the NEW TESTAMENT that way that it tells all to those who are really able to see, but doesn´t tell anything to those who are blind.  Only because of that trick the true messages of Jesus of Nazareth could endure 2000 years. But even the OLD TESTANMENT contains truths: “God made the human being according to his own image.” But in a monotheistic system “Adam” would have to be mono-sexual, so that he wouldn´t miss an “Eva”. Human beings therefore must have a female and a male deity if they are made according to divine image. “The Fall of Mankind”, the bite into the apple from the tree of knowledge had been that moment as people had understood that human drives can be abused to manipulate and to enslave others – that had been the way the paradise, the heaven on earth,  the life according to our natural drives got lost.  The metapher of the building of the tower of Babylon stands for the fact that human beings began to abuse human drives which means the attempt to build higher than the creation that demands fulfilling of drives. That resulted in a situation that one human being did not understand the other -  not because of different spoken languages, but  because of different individual aims: Human beings living according to their drives keep together, are dominated by a common spirit for the sake of all, but the pressing down of drives led to frustration  in all indiviuums and to competition and hatred among all of them. Babylon had been the cradle of the Eurasian Devil, builded by God-Dominators as Hammurabi who started patriarchy. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have their earliest roots in that Babylon.

After having proofed to be a man who respects the true potential worth of women, that I am prepared to accept healthily adjusted women as the dominators of mankind and so of me, too, I think that I am allowed to tell also some other things:

1.      Wrongly adjusted women, who are fearful, uptight, who act hysterically, who act devot or try to to dominate in destructive ways, aren´t Goddesses according to my feelings and thoughts,  but nils, crazy chickens, dumb cows or something like that. But they can change that by changing their adjustings.

2.    The women cannot only enjoy highest appreciation by all men, but by all human beings, but she has to deserve that by fulfilling her natural duties to the community. Who thinks about laws to regulate emanzipation, who thinks about egalizing the roles of women and men, is really working the wrong way. Not standing at the cooking pot is the typical characteristic of the natural woman´s role, but the lovely and consequent domination by the woman to regulate everything in the right way. No man could replace the woman concerning this most responsible duty, his brain is not made for that!

Regarding the genetic predisposition of our kind as the actual circumstances of societies I am acting as a legitimated speaker of whole mankind, as well of all women, as well of all children and as well of all men, when I appeal decidedly to all women, to do their duty for whole mankind as quick as possible and along the whole frontier worldwide! And so I demand that from all women! Do it! Inform and mobilize other women You know and start education of all human beings in Your own circle for the sake of all! Consequently! Don´t tolerate anything which is not all right!

Fulfilling their natural duty is only possible for women who have their own families under lovely control so that they feel very well concerning their nearest relations, cuase only then they feel the true female power in themselves and only then they are really right adjusted for the sake of all. A woman not having the lovely control over her own matrimony and her own children will not be able to dominate equitably in the right way, so that quotations for women are absolutely unable to change circumstances to the good. In history as in present time there were and are lots of social absurdly adjusted women who deserved respectively deserve the Co-name “The Terrible” , women like that do not lead us in the right direction.

 A woman being not really healthily adjusted would have fear to intermediate if two rocker gangs full of aggressions would stand face to face, like every man in a case like that. That would, if she weren´t able to overwhelm her fear absolutely, every one among the rockers  registrate. In the best case she would hear then:”Fuck off, baby, You are not needed here!” In the worst case she would be abused. A woman with unfullfilled drives is really not a true woman.


I will continue today (German Time)....